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Your new favourite running brand! A high-end activewear collection devised by Parisian Brice Partouche, and with former Nike product development specialist Carly Beumel on board, it’s no wonder Satisfy blends high performance running gear with street sensibility so seamlessly. Created to celebrate the revelry of running, Satisfy

produces garments made from performance tech fabrics that cross over into everyday life, which feature sporty detailing such as reflective typography and key holders so you are set to go on your run. Find the new SS17 collection from the Paris-based brand in store and online now!

new in: Organic by John Patrick SS17

John Patrick went out of his way, at an appointment this morning, to show off a piece he described as one of “the big developments” for Organic this season. It was a T-shirt. Beige organic cotton. Long sleeves. The kind of thing Organic is known for, pretty much; the news was that this T-shirt featured a V-neck.

2017 marks the 13th anniversary of Organic by John Patrick, and that beige V-neck tee makes for a fitting exemplar of how the brand has evolved in the past decade. Most labels progress via a process of expansion. Organic evolves by winnowing, paring its collections further and further back, in a quest for the essential. This collection was as froth-free as it could be, while still retaining a hint of seasonal novelty. There were a few themes—floral-embroidered white shirts and skirts, layerable lightweight knits in desert hues, simple nylon anoraks, and yet more iterations of Organic’s cult-fave slip, executed, this time around, in shiny lipstick red. Ultra-basic shorts, pants, and tees rounded things out. Femme-y off-the-



shoulder shirts and one elongated nylon bomber were the most overtly trendy pieces here; elsewhere, Patrick acknowledged fashion currents by attending to his proportions. The red slip, for instance, came in a very timely maxi length, while the attenuated line of his pencil skirts made them seem up-to-date.

Not too up-to-date, though. And that was the point. These were clothes made to stick around in a woman’s wardrobe. Patrick’s business plan seems to be: If you make garments a woman wears so regularly that they literally fall apart before she’s sick of them, she’ll come back for replacements. Or updates. That approach has served this brand well for a decade. It seems likely to keep working for at least a decade more.

Find all new Organic by John Patrick SS17 in store at FABRIC Britomart now, and online soon. Words / Vogue.com


a faux skater’s guide to converse

If there’s one thing fashion loves rn it’s a dose of stolen skater style, and who better to learn from than actual Russian street skater, Gosha Gang member / best friend / muse, and brains behind new label, PACCBET, Tolia Titaev. Here we examine Tolia and his crew’s

use of iconic Converse Chuck Taylors, and 90′s throwback One Stars – Both available in store and online now at FABRIC. In the spirit of borrowing things, these images are taken from his own Instagram account. You can follow him here: @_toliatitaev

fabric travel: Where To Eat Donuts In Paris

Leave it to the masters of the pastry to make them perfect. If you ask where to find the most exquisite macaroons, éclairs or madeleines in Paris, the list of recommendations is long. But if you want to know where you can get your hands on a nice warm, chewy donut? Just a year ago the answer would have been nowhere. But not anymore! The donut has always been a part of America’s gastronomic DNA, and it looks like the rest of the world is taking a cue. The wave of trendy, gourmet donut shops is beginning to make ripples all the way in Paris. The city has seen a new crop of donut shops spring up in just the last year, and here’s your guide to the best of them, according to the guys behind LOST iN City Guides.

Boneshaker Doughnuts: Boneshaker is the pioneer in bringing donuts to Paris. In July 2016 they opened up their own shop after doing pop-ups in different cafés around Paris. Amanda, pastry chef from Virginia and her husband Louis from Ireland are the brains behind Boneshaker. They decided to open up a donut shop after some of their trips back to the States, where they would grab doughnuts from mom & pop shops. There weren’t any donut shops in Paris so they thought it would be fun to bring the concept to Paris. Boneshaker’s flavours are always changing as they try at least three different recipes per week, which keeps things exciting.


Doughmade: Alex Roberts is a professional baker, blogger, and photographer from North Carolina who spent several years working and living in NYC before moving to Paris. He launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year to bring American-style donuts to Paris on wheels and it’s been quite a success ever since. You can find his donut bicycle during pop-up sales at Papier Tigre, as well as at Paris’ newest coffee shop, The Hood—first come, first serve. They sell out fast!

Les Petits Donuts: Les Petits Donuts is the first French spin on donuts created by dynamic trio Pierre-Carol Mientong, Alexandra Bocquet and Franck Steve Tchuijang. Their slogan is, “another day, another donut”. Inspired by the classic American deep fried donuts, the owners wanted to add a lighter, more gourmet touch. Les Petits Donuts are oven baked, and have a more unique consistency than you are used to for donuts, with a healthy touch. They have different rotating flavors like carrot cake, matcha, sugar cinnamon, or coconut. You can stop by their shop, and even order donuts online to your home or office.

You can purchase your copy of LOST iN PARIS online for $33.00NZD, and check out our full city selection while you’re at it!

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